Pork and Pear


I haven’t been a big meat eater historically. In fact there have been many periods of months at a time when the only non-vegetarian thing I’ve eaten has been parmesan cheese. But I’m not vegetarian and as I’m trying to broaden my eating habits and diet, more meat is inevitably going to be consumed.

It feels wrong when the majority of the population are cutting down on meat consumption to be increasing my own but there we have it, and it’s not like I’m eating meat at every meal, or even every day.

But this was dinner today. Soften a sliced onion and a sliced (small, hard) pear in a little oil. Get a pan of water boiling for the rice and veg (what can I say – I cook them together because I’m a lazy cook and have to do my own washing up!). When the onion and pear are starting to soften, add sliced pork (mine was simply sold as trimmed medallions) and seal both sides. Start the rice cooking, add the sour cream (I used 50g) to the pork and simmer, adding seasoning to taste. I added a little slaked cornflour to thicken but I’m not really sure it did! Add a little water if necessary. Add the veg about five minutes before the rice is done.
Serve and enjoy!

Pork and Pear