Vanilla Cake and Custard


Life is not logical. I am really not all that keen on drinking milk (well, certainly not at the moment) but thicken that milk with coloured cornflour, add a touch of sugar and heat until it turns into custard and I can eat it all day. I don’t know how obvious my love for custard will become on this blog but there we go.

And to serve with the custard? Vanilla cakes. I made these as cupcakes, using a recipe adapted from this year’s Great Comic Relief Bake Off booklet (buy the booklet, make cakes, eat cakes, make more cakes, sell cakes, make money for Comic Relief – it’s all good!).

Cream 60g butter with 85g caster sugar until light. Add 85g self raising flour, 40g yogurt, 1 egg and a tsp vanilla extract. Beat until well combined, fill six cupcake cases and bake in a preheated oven at about 180C for 25 minutes or so.

I also served my cupcake with some rather interesting looking passion fruit and lime curd from Marks and Spencer. Not sure it was a good combo with the custard but it went well with the cake. I’ll reserve judgement on the curd until I’ve tried it again (or, let’s face it, a few more times since the jar is now open…)

Vanilla Cake and Custard

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